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Page for those who want to link up to pursue alternatives to the limited-choice CSA model 


BAMCSA will be going forth with a monthly box that will offer three choices of a general selection of cuts from 100% grass-finished beef and pastured pork and chicken. If this does not fit what you want, you can sign up here to splinter off into your own group. Bonnie will be happy to provide rancher contacts and general guidance for ordering.


Here's where you can link up with others who want to be able to specify exactly which cuts you get (via a bulk order) or get a big variety of cuts and offal (through a whole-animal share). Please click Edit (and then Save) to put your name, email, what you are interested in, and with luck, one of you will take the lead and start your own mailing list(s).





Sample Name, sampleemail@aol.com: I want to do beef shares from beef finished on grain.

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