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Questions to ask butchers


Explain to them that we're potentially a 75-person meat-buying co-op that's likely to be contracting directly with ranchers north and south of here, and so we're looking to set up relationships wiht local butchers to process said meat.


Butcher name:


Contact person:








Currently sells to (restaurants? supermarkets? consumers?):


Do you have walk-in sales?


What kinds of meat do you process?


Packaging method (paper vs vacuum)


Are you USDA certified or just state?


Are you certified to handle organic meat? (this is not critical, just good to know — meat can be organically raised but not sold under the label unless

processed by a certified butcher, who will keep conventional meat separate)


Which slaughterhouses already deliver to you regularly?Do you have working relationships with small ranchers? (see if you can find out who, might be helpful)


Are you willing/able to process animals that were slaughtered on-farm? under what conditions?


What do you charge roughly to process beef per pound? do you have a price list you can e-mail/send?


Do you charge extra for breaking the animal all the way down, ie not just into primals?


Do you charge extra for nonstandard cutting?Do you dry-age beef? How long? Do you charge extra for this service? 


Would you be willing to serve as a pickup site for our members during business hours for two or three days?






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