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Mission statement and survey stuff moved here


Clark Summit order to-do list


  • Bonnie will make Google shared spreadsheet where people can sign up on a first, come first served basis. 10-pound minimum order. We'll draw from the list once we figure out how many people can reasonably share a hog. List general cuts available and ask people what interested in.






Clark Summit Pastured Pork

Quantity per lb. Average hung wt.

Halves $4.00 100-120lb.

Whole hog $3.75 200-240lb.

Ibeleto’s Custom cut & wrap $.65 lb

Harvest Fee for Hog: $35.00 skinned or $40.00 scalded


Ibleto’s also offers smoking for your pork, for an additional charge of .75/lb. They use an excellent old fashioned method that results in wonderfully flavored bacon, ham, & hocks. Bonnie checked: does include preservatives, incl. nitrates.


We charge for the hung weight, your prepayment of $350 for a half and $650 for a whole to Clark Summit Farm confirms your purchase before the harvest date.


After harvest Ibeleto’s Custom Meat’s cuts your meat, double wraps it in butcher paper, and freezes it. Ibeleto’s bills you separately for the harvest fee and cut and wrap when you pick-up your delicious meat at their shop. Call them with questions at 707-795-1489 or 707-545-1054. They are located at 1492 Lowell Ave., Cotati. It is right off the 101 freeway, approximately 45 miles North of San Francisco.





Vicky/Ibleto's said four people could easily divide a hog (60 pounds each, give or take half a head, erp!), after that it gets kind of tricky.


A pictorial view of where the various cuts come from


Here's a rough breakdown of the typical 100-125 pound HALVES, so amounts below are x2 per hog.


  • ham, 18 pounds (easily divided by 2, 3, or 4 she said)
  • shoulder, 8 lbs
  • 7-8 lbs "country style" ribs
  • 1 rack of spare ribs
  • pork chops: roughly 29 pounds, less if we want loin roast
  • 8 pounds sausage (she said she can do large scraps if we prefer)
  • 7 pounds belly/bacon
  • ham hocks, x4 (can be smoked)
  • trotters (which are well cleaned)
  • lard, depends on how fat the hog is, couple of pounds
  • Head: can be divided in half, one ear per half
  • tongue often removed and put into sausage
  • heart, liver, intestines all available
  • I forgot to ask about bones but I'm guessing we can have them.
  • they do not clean the intestines (not surprised)

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