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Committees: Meat Heads



  • Bonnie
  • Viola
  • Tracy D
  • Jennifer L
  • Stu F
  • Wendy K
  • Christina C
  • Tamar A


In progress stuff


Survey is here


1/9/07 Conference call


Post-call To Do list:


Everyone: Please look at the possible survey topics below and add any I forgot. I'll type up the wording for them this weekend.


*Bonnie will:*


  • check Yahoo group settings to see why RSS feed not working
  • Call butcher and ask follow-up questions: how many pounds worth of various cuts, how do they cure (and how long does that take), trotter cleaning, overall time frame of butchering



  • Call David Evans and see about setting up a visit to the ranch some Sunday in the future.
  • Call Hoffman Game Birds and feel out chicken bulk order


*Tracy will:*

  • call Daniel and ask about division of beef shares, for comparison


*Jennifer will:*

  • call Incanto chef and ask about pork offal


What should go into the mission statement:


  • What the CSA model is, and why we're using it versus bulk order
  • Why grass-fed ver sus grain-fed, if we go with that (and if we don't, we may end up with two CSAs ;-)
  • All the reasons -- health, environmental, animal welfare — we believe in this model


Questions for survey

Actual wording to be hashed out after basics nailed down. Bonnie to look at using Zoomerang or Survey Monkey


  • Pick the ideological statement that best explains your primary reason for joining this CSA: animal welfare? personal health? less dependence on fossil fuels? enivronment? taste?
  • How important is: 100% pasture, versus grass-fed but grain-finished
  • How far away is too far for the ranch?
  • Do you want to be able to visit the farm?
  • Mix of animals (healthy ecosystem)?
  • Slaughtered on the farm? (incl not sure/ don't care as answer)
  • One or multiple suppliers OK?
  • Price important to you?
  • Which meats are you interested in, yes or no? (incl goat, rabbit)
  • Rank them in order of preference
  • Are you interested in primal cuts?
  • Rank your preference of cuts: prime (eg steaks, chops), roasts, ground, offal
  • If you don't get to choose your cuts, are you still on board?
  • Frequency of deliveries: once a month, twice, once a week
  • Questions re: meat consumption
  • Would you like to get eggs, cow's milk, goatmilk?

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