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Committees: Distribution


Task: Host a drop-off site, not necessarily every time — just indicate your willingness and general availability. Probably get a free egg share or something in exchange: 3-4 people each in SF and East Bay.


  • Viola: Happy to do this if refrigeration is not a conditio sine qua non. Availability is limited to Wedn-Thus-Fri afternoons. We are in the Mission Dristrict of SF, very close to both 101 and 280 access


*Cathy: I can host a pick up site in the Grand/Lake area of Oakland with lots of driveway; have an extra fridge with a little bit of freezer space.


  • SPM: What would be needed for this: e.g., adequate freezer storage space to hold xx pounds for xx hours until distributed?


  • Bonnie replies: I'm hoping we won't have to get frozen at all, ideally. I'm thinking the rancher will either bring the meat in a refrigerated truck that can be parked by someone's house, or else coolers that can be loaded and stored for a few hours. Not sure yet!


  • Tracy: I can host a pick-up in West Oakland now, then in Richmond starting in the fall. Both near freeways.


  • Sarah: I can host a pick-up in Downtown Berkeley. 5 blocks from downtown Berkeley BART. On a street with a block long 24 minute loading zone that would be convenient for drivers too.


  • SPM: I can host a pick-up in Upper Rockridge, a couple of minutes' southwest of the intersection of Hwys 24 and 13. No parking problems.


  • Jennifer: We're already Eatwell hosts in the Castro and have an extra fridge in the garage. If we could narrow the pickup window to a couple of hours, we could host from the fridge ('cause I'd have to open the garage for each subscriber), or we also have a pretty sheltered porch that could house coolers. Yay no frozen!


  • Martha: I am in the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland, easy access from I-580 and plenty of parking.


  • Meloukhia: I can host from our house on Treasure Island, which is more or less equidistant between SF and the East Bay.


  • Madan: We could host in North Berkeley. Can park my car in the street and have a small truck park in the driveway.


  • Suzy: We could host in Berkeley, near Ashby & College. Easy to park here. Have a good porch that could be used for pickup, also have a driveway where truck might be able to park.

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