Summary and results of May 2007 BAMCSA membership survey:


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We are thinking about having pick-up be at a Saturday farmers market (ideally one in SF

and East Bay), both to publicize the group and to encourage you to spread your dollars

among more local growers. What do you think of this idea?


1. Great idea, but not convenient for me as a work literally every Saturday

2. I love the idea in theory, but I am concerned that my weekend schedules are more erratic than my

weekday ones, so it might end up being a pain to have a window on a Saturday morning that I HAD

to make available. (I don't make it to the farmer's market on Sat as much as I would like, even

though I live only 5 blocks away). My veggie CSA is a weeknight pickup, and that seems to fold

more easily into a workweek. I guess if this were once a month we could plan for it, but I'm just a

bit concerned that it might be a pain.

3. I'm more interested in where it is geographically (meaning how far is it from me, is there parking,

etc.) than at a farmer's market.

4. Would like to say that the Saturday Alemany market would be "great idea", otherwise (let's say, at

Ferry building) would not be ideal, but would put in effort for pickup. The Fillmore farmer's market

would also work.

5. I'm indifferent and it would not be convenient for me and it seems as if it would be a cross

purposes with what we're doing and it's not likely to be allowed at any of Berkeley (Ecology Center

run) farmers markets.

6. Berkeley or Oakland Farmers market? Oakland can be a zoo; Berkeley is pretty far to go.

7. I would prefer the weekday as we are in San Jose and my husband works in the City two days per

week and can pick up our share when he is working.

8. generally OK, but it would be helpful to have a fallback option for times when the Berkeley Farmers

Market is not convenient

9. I love the idea but I work on Saturdays so there would need to be alternate arrangements possible.

10. I would prefer to pick-up closer to my neighborhood (Castro) and have the option of pick up at the

Saturday Farmer's Market. We have a soon to be 1 year old and going to the Farmer's Market on



Is there anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to make sure we consider?


2. In general I would like more consideration of the environmentally sustainable aspects of the project

- is there any kind of certification that looks at these kinds of aspects? For example, where the

animal waste on the farm goes? Or how the farm affects its local watershed? Other environmentally

friendly practices that farmers might be able to adopt? How and where does the feed come from?

Presumably since these are local farms people aren't cutting down the Brazilian rain forest or

destroying the great plains for these animals, but a lot of livestock feed does come from soy

plantations in the Amazon. Humane aspects are important, but my primary concern is the

environmental impact. Also, organic factors (feed, etc) are preferable, but I'm not convinced that

organic is the end-all be-all of environmental friendliness. It might also be interesting to look into

the possibility of including a greenhouse gas offset add-on as part of our pricing structure

considering the contribution of livestock to greenhouse gasses (both directly and through the

processes of raising them). I grew up on meat and potatoes, but went veggie for a long time in

consideration of environmental effects. I eat BAMCSA meat because I hope that it is some of the

most environmentally friendly meat out there, but if its not clear that BAMCSA meat is generally

sustainable from cradle to grave then I probably wouldn't continue with it.


3. Regarding the question on slaughtering/butchering: I would prefer the slaughter be done ON THE

FARM in a humane and compassionate way. That is what's most important to me. I expect the

butcher to know what they are doing and that we would know their reputation in the community.

Certification is not as important as local reputation.

4. It would be great to have a recipe site linked to the order site too...


5. I've given answers in preference, but I'm really willing to be flexible with most things. Thanks for

letting me participate. --Aimee

6. It would be very difficult to pick up meat at a weekend farmer's market. People are out of town,

have other things going on, and in SF it's a way to go for some people. That would make it not

possible for us to participate.

9. Q18-Possible to get Tier 1 and 2? Thanks for doing this.

10. I am not sure how much interest you have from people in the South Bay but I would be willing to

be a drop off point or pick up meat for other South Bay people when my husband is in the City.

11. thank you for doing this - I am very impressed at your organizational skill!

12. I do not have information on the difference between an USDA and State butcher shop. I answered

the question with not enough information. Would you please clarify the difference? It would be nice

to have an in person get together 2 maybe 3 times a year. That may be already what happens, I

joined recently so I do not know the protocols as of yet. Also, will there be a meat buy anytime

soon? I needs the meat!

13. i'd really like to get a mix of meats instead of just the one tier pricing because i like to order for both

myself and for my dog. so i like the better cuts. and i like bones. and i like ground meat (for both

me and the 'dog food' stuff for my dog). so if it would be possible to order one lower tier share

every once in a while, i'd really like that.

14. I may be able to volunteer to write software which would make the administration of the CSA easier.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss! jeremy

15. Small households - smaller, less frequent orders, without their own means of transportation -

unable to travel and carry large amounts (though I understand you can't cater to every individual).

16. No, a very comprehensive survey! Well designed and expressed.

17. When I say I am neutral about vegetarian feed, what really is ideal is no animal product feed for

animals that don't naturally eat animals (like feeding dead sick animal products to cows possibly

creating mad cow disease) and in the vegetarian feed, NO SOY, no GMO, no additives/chemicals of

any kind. For example, I just read that even some organic chickens are fed a diet that includes

roxarsone which can change into arsenic. SF pick up point is important to me, I do not want to

have to cross the Bay Bridge regularly due to traffic.

18. I would prefer anything frozen to be both vacuum packed and flash frozen to maintain freshness

as best as possible. I would like for the group to include Heritage breed meats, particularly different

breeds of pork (Berkshire, Duroc, Tamworth, etc.). I'd also be interested in game meats, if available

(hare, squab, boar, venison, quail, etc.). I do have time and inclination to help, but it depends a lot

on the day/week/location - e.g. I can't be in the East Bay on a friday afternoon. Finally, can we get


19. Yay for meatheads! You rock Bonnie!

20. Thank you for all the work you've done!

21. frozen is ideal if we're doing it biweekly or less often; fresh and cryovac would be great if weekly

(but certainly not a dealbreaker of not possible).