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Meat-eating preferences


If you haven't done so as of Oct. 21, please indicate (along with your name) how many pounds per week your household would be likely to want of different meats. if you don't want one of the types ever, say so. If you just want to indicate general pounds/per week consumption, do that under question 2.


Can't/don't want to figure out the wiki? E-mail your answers to Bonnie.


A spreadsheet tracking all the answers to date as of Oct 21 is here on Google spreadsheets. Please check your entries and let me know below whether I've transferred them accurately. In some cases, I adapted your answers -- if you said 1-2 pounds beef per week, I entered it as 1.5, if you said "2 lbs lamb or chicken," I entered a pound of each. I only put "0" if you said specifically that you didn't want something. I'm just trying to get a feel for what size share will work for most people; those who want more can add on, I hope. Backup of original entries into the wiki


Please reply with your first name and last initial, e.g. "Bonnie P: beef 2, chicken 1, pork .5, lamb .5"


1. How many pounds per week does your household typically consume of beef, chicken, pork, and lamb ? (Please list each meat separately)


2. General pounds of meat consumed at home per week (note where you're including prepared things like bacon, sausages, unlikely to be part of the CSA but who knows)


3. How many dozens of eggs per week would you be interested in?


4. Feelings about offal (tripe, brains, liver, sweetbread, tongue)


5. What neighborhood/city do you live in?

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