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Committees: Finding the rancher to supply CSA

2-3 people


Task: Identify as many possibilities as we can within 100-mile radius. Contact them (I have two very interested already, and a third tentatively so), listed on this page. Will need people to organize the field trips to the ranch sowe can see firsthand what they're up to, write up notes from the trips, etc.


  • SPM: Not an answer but a question: Might Niman Ranch be a possibility, as a broker of negotiated bulk discounts? Or am I confusing concepts here?


  • Bonnie answers: You are, a bit. Niman Ranch is now more a brand than a farm, consolidating beef from dozens of ranches. They are also huge, and sell everywhere, to practically every high-end grocery store and restaurant around here. My goal, and I think most people's on this list, is to go straight to the source: a small rancher struggling to build distribution. Those working with Niman have already made it. And plus, their beef is reputedly corn-finished in a feedlot -- albeit supposedly humanely, that's not what we want. For me, this is about choosing mom-and-pop over Costco. But be warned -- it's probably not going to be as cheap as supermarket Niman, although we should be able to match Whole Foods.


  • Joanna: Is there any criteria for distance? e.g. Would Mendocino or the Sierra Foothills be too far away?


  • Tracy: Given guidance, I'd be happy to do some research.


  • Wendy: I'd be happy to help as well.

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